5 time management strategies, for those who need to communicate with their customers over the internet

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5 time management strategies. For those who need to communicate with their customers over the internet

5 time management strategies, for those who need to communicate with their customers over the internet

5 time management strategies, for those who need to communicate with their customers over the internet 1200 800 iWEBAPP - Ottawa Web Design Agency

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5 time management strategies

We all have the same amount of time each day: 24 hours or 1440 minutes. Even so, some people are able to develop more activities than others. You certainly know someone who lives complaining about the lack of time. And, the issue is not always production capacity, but time management. Therefore, we will present some strategies to help you better manage your time and increase productivity.

Some of the biggest productivity villains are:

  • Meetings – occupy 21% of the time and half are considered unproductive;
  • E-mails – consume 16% of the employee’s time in the company;
  • Administrative tasks – absorb 11% of the time dedicated to work.

But, in reality, what changes from one person to another is time management, that is, the way in which each establishes what is a priority and the order in which activities need to be done. Therefore, it is possible that even receiving many e-mails and participating in several meetings, some people will be able to do a good time management and fulfill all the activities planned.

Time management: 5 strategies for your day to day

Even unconsciously, we follow methods to get things done, from brushing teeth, driving a car, eating meals or working. And, following a pattern is fundamental to define what is important, what is urgent and what can be left for later.

Check out five time management strategies that work with any method you choose to manage your daily activities:

1. View the expected result

You may have heard that for those who don’t know where they want to go, any path will do. This is what happens to those who do not do time management. Therefore, it is essential to visualize an expected result daily. This goal setting can be in the short, medium and long term. Imagine results like: writing a blog post a day, creating a new website or increasing e-commerce sales by 50%, making improvements to the site code, for example.

2. Choose a method

After defining the expected results you already have a course. The next step is to choose a methodology for time management and study it. Some alternatives are the GTD, Pomodoro and Triad, each has characteristics and suggests specific techniques. Identify which one fits your daily life, personal taste and expected results. Then study the methodology to find out how to put it into practice.

3. Define the necessary tools

They say that methods and tools are practically Siamese brothers, one depends on the other. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a tool for planning the day. It will be your support to manage activities, organize priorities, even measure demands and identify bottlenecks. You can use from traditional pen and paper, to an application or specialized tool for your chosen criteria.

4. Apply the chosen methodology

It’s time to get your hands dirty! After all, you already know the results you want, you already studied the methodology on time management and chose a tool. Follow step by step what the chosen methodology recommends (each one has its own characteristics, which you notice when you study about them). But, it is important to remember that the results tend to be gradual, you will hardly achieve everything you want on the first day. Even if it is difficult, persist and you will achieve the expected results.

5. Share the results achieved

Transmitting your learning is a way of reinforcing it. So, share what you learned when implementing a technique for time management, difficulties, results, among tips that can help other people. One tip is to apply the method in other areas of your life or to achieve specific goals.

If you can’t put the strategies into practice, don’t be discouraged. It may have been a lack of affinity with the chosen methodology or tool. Make new choices and reapply the five strategies above.

Want to learn more about time management? Leave a comment below, who knows in a next post we can give more details about methods and tools to help you better manage time and increase productivity!

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