Coronavirus: 8 tips for using digital marketing for your company

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Coronavirus: 8 tips for using digital marketing for your company

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Coronavirus: 8 tips for using digital marketing for your company

If the internet was already important for business, today it has become the only alternative for many of them. The closing of stores and the isolation measures against the coronavirus hit companies that served only at physical points. And even those that were already digital may face a drop in demand, motivated by the moment of uncertainty.

Connecting with customers is more important than ever – and digital marketing can help with that. Below, we’ve listed eight tips for using it for your business.

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1. Invest in digital presence

Before thinking about digital strategies, assess your company’s current maturity on the internet. If she is already on the main social networks, but does not have a website, this is a good time to take this new step. In addition to avoiding going out, people are more connected than before. “In practice, digital is what is left amid all physical restrictions”, points out Roberto Mourão, founder of iWEBAPP Agency Inc.

For those who sold through physical points and do not yet have e-commerce, the tip is to start by entering a marketplace, which already offers a functional structure. He recalls that, in addition to sales, the internet is a source of content to understand how to act at that moment. “You can go from researching to understand how your competitors are doing to going to Google Trends to see what people are looking for,” he says. KNOW MORE

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2. Know your audience

Knowing your customers and followers is essential to define any strategy. This involves mapping the social networks they use the most to getting to know their habits and preferences. “When you understand these behaviors well, it becomes easier to design strategies and define the channels and the appropriate language”, points out Roberto.

To do this, it is worth starting with a simple action: asking them questions. The ability to listen to them individually, is one of the great advantages of small companies over large ones.

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3. Offer valuable content

One of the pillars of digital marketing is to offer content to customers without the intention of immediate sale, betting on building a relationship that, later, can bear fruit. Strategy is even more important at this point, as they, like you, are concerned about the pandemic.

“What people are looking for most at the moment is a little comfort and a way to reduce uncertainties. That is why it is time to take the strategy even lighter. He also says he believes that all companies have the potential to collaborate in some way. The strengthening of the brand will come as a consequence.

“The client of a gym did not stop wanting to get in shape. If I own one, I can make lives and post classes on Instagram, helping to resolve this pain without trying to sell, ”he says. “When the situation calms down, people will remember that help.” He says that taking the opposite path, using the situation as a sales strategy, will sound like opportunism and will further harm your company.

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4. Humanize your brand

Sharing behind the scenes of your business can also help you connect better with customers – and serve as a foundation to support them. In the case of restaurants serving by delivery, it is interesting to show that care has been taken in the kitchen to avoid contamination.

It is also worth sharing the pains of the business, such as the challenge of paying the bills. “People are fond of local businesses. If you can’t sell now, you can launch a voucher for later ”, exemplifies Roberto, iWEBAPP Online Marketing. “Selling a $ 10 voucher for $ 7 is a marketing strategy and can greatly help cash flow.”

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5. Invest in lead generation

Generally speaking, leads can be defined as people (or companies) who have contacted your company and have the potential to become customers. Even if they do not close the deal now, having this base of people can generate results in the medium and long term. One of the common ways to generate leads is to offer something of value, such as content, through a register. “If you have contact with customers, it will be much easier to build the relationship,” says Roberto.

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6. Consider investing in online ads

While long-term relationship building is important, short-term strategies help to gain momentum. One of the possibilities is to invest in ads on online platforms, such as Google and the social networks themselves.

Just putting them on the air, however, does not guarantee results. “There is no point in placing ads if you are not measuring the results and do not know how much they reflect in sales”, says Roberto. For those just starting out, he recommends to be careful and start slowly.

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7. Set goals – and measure results

For ads, communication or any other strategy to work, you must first have defined your goals well. “That maxim that if you don’t know where to go, any path works is valid in that context”, he points out. Data analysis is especially useful at this time, helping to define strengths and weaknesses and map future decisions. And, according to Roberto, topics like this should already be on the companies’ radar even before the pandemic.

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8. Track changes in behavior

The urgency to prevent the spread of the coronavirus around the world has made it an issue everywhere, from the internet to television. Over time,  the tendency is for there to be saturation. “Everyone will already know what is the prevention, treatment and what is or is not happening and will start trying to live a normal life”. This, he says, will be the time with the most opportunities for digital. “There will be more people online and a lot of what they would do outside the home will do inside.”

In case you need to know more on how online marketing can help you during the crisis, we are here for you. We have had great results with many of our clients, and I am sure we can do the same for your business.

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