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Established in 2002, Brasilpontocom has its activities focused on providing services, consulting and supplying equipment for installation and management of the information network infrastructure.

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The Challenge

Brasilpontocom has literally set the record for more sales in Espirito Santo, Brasil than any other service provider in their field, and the reason is that they do things right. They wanted to modernize their identity and create a cohesive visual system, with forward-thinking ideas they needed a new online brand presence and awareness fast. With a Brand Styleguide that will keep the identity cohesive by outlining rules for the logo, typography, color palette, and graphic motifs.

What We Did

We gave Brasilpontocom’s brand a full makeover, kicking things off by redesigning their logo, quickly following it up with a complete reinvention of their website. With a new visual identity in tow, we designed and implemented a new mobile-responsive site that fully integrates their marketing and web app functionality into one consistent online presence.

Brasilpontocom’s new website is a custom design powered by WordPress. Multiple tiers of membership are easily managed and accessible all in one place via the web app, providing their customers an easy way to sign in and access their individual IT management materials, videos and other valuable resources.

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