FALKIRK seeks to reconcile established techniques with innovative methodologies to carry out Project Execution and Management with excellence. The historically industrial city renovated through state-of-the-art engineering. Rich in history, bold in the present and inspiration to us!

Web Design Agency in Ottawa

The Challenge

FALKIRK was looking to modernize the logo for their brand with a cleaner and more memorable image that evokes the unparalleled strength of their engineering team and services. We experimented with several different approaches before the finding the perfect combination of modernity, strength and corparativism emerging with a nod towards solar, and the perfect typeface to compliment.

What We Did

We help inspire consumer discovery, disrupt the shelves, differentiate you from the competition and help you sell in and sell through. Every design in our portfolio was custom designed to tell our client’s unique story, reduce their environmental footprint, inspire demand and hit the margin sweet spot.

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