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Frustrated by the fact that he couldn’t recommend a Japanese restaurant to friends outside of the typical sushi, izakaya and ramen spots, Nozomu Takeuchi decided to open his own place. Located in St-Henri on Notre-Dame St. just east of Atwater Ave., Nozy is a no-nonsense restaurant with a bare-bones decor and a wine list that includes less than 10 wines and a half-dozen sakes.

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The Challenge

Nozomu Takeuchi recruited us to do it right the first time to extend their reach to both locals and tourists alike. He needed a unique site to adequately represent them. While many restaurants these days seem to think they can get by with a cheap off-the-shelf template, we did them right with a carefully crafted layout backed by our custom Sleepless CMS. Whether you’re talking about their food, or their site—no one has what they have, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

What We Did

We designed a beautiful responsive design interface to compliment their new branding and professional photos, built out a custom CMS and topped it all off with a WordPress blog. We took extra care in designing a robust gallery system that showcases their dishes. The gallery pages boast a card-style layout, making it flexible for all different image sizes and super conducive to their site’s responsive nature.

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