What is LOCAL SEO?

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What is LOCAL SEO?

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Understand the concept of Local SEO

Also known as SEO Search Engine Optimization, is a digital marketing strategy, so that your virtual store, site or blog of a particular business, is found in the search engines, preferably in the first positions, facilitating interaction with the user.

But within SEO there are several strategies that basically are different ways so that the user, being a customer or a possible client, can quickly find a solution to your problem.

And one of those strategies is the local SEO. This option is being improved more and more so that people who do research mainly on the cell phone, get access to several options of nearby establishments, according to their research and one of the main benefits of using this tool is that several companies are achieving greater visibility as well as increasing their sales.

Local SEO to increase sales

This is a quick and practical way for a person to have contact with a particular establishment and even that they do not yet know. According to informed by Google 86% of searches on the platform are carried out by handsets such as smartphones and often to discover nearby places.

That way, several companies have already known and understood the tool as a possibility even to increase the disclosure of your business.

To do this, you need to optimize your company’s website and information through an SEO consultancy, so that it can be identified by the search engines when a search for “bakery” or “restaurant”, for example, is performed in a neighborhood and the user can find your establishment.

Key Benefits of Local SEO

The local SEO tool has been specially designed to make the user use more practical, simple and faster so that you can find a specific place according to your need. However, today it surpasses this main objective and manages to bring incredible benefits to those who wish to carry out a digital marketing strategy, from the use of this tool.

Attract a new audience

People who search for places are after something, right? It may be a new place to meet or to solve a problem, such as tidying the car in a nearby location, for example. You may be able to win new people to your business, especially if you have good reviews on the page.

Provide increased sales

With more people searching for your business segment, the greater the chances that you’ll be able to reach those customers and consequently increase your sales.

Customer loyalty

Especially for those who already know the company and do a lot of research, they will always have in mind your logo or the name of your company, if it is seen more often. This helps to strengthen the relationship with the brand and thus, it will not be won so easily by the competition.

Quality online presence

Nowadays anyone who is not on the internet will hardly be found or will still be able to build a solid and trustworthy brand. With the use of local SEO, it is possible that your company is on the internet and more than simply being, will have a quality online presence, favoring the conquest of customers and the solidification of the brand.

How To Make Local SEO

For those who have an interest in adopting this strategy and practice for the company’s SEO, there are some practices that should be performed so that the company name is optimized and thus, found more easily at times when searching for a particular keyword is performed.

The first of these is to register with Google My Business. Once the registration is created, you can access the tool and thus, add your business to Google Maps.

Asking for the rating note, location photos and comments for your employees and also customers, is something that will help and a lot in creating content and that will favor the rankings for your business.

You can start using local SEO today and gain the incredible benefits to your business from the search engine optimization.


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