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LA Body Sculpture is a brand established in the aesthetics, beauty, and health industry in Montreal, Quebec. iWEBAPP was tasked to create an interactive, modern, and visually appealing website, that aligns with the sophisticated and classy style of the clinic and the needs and expectations of their client base.

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The Challenge

LA Body Sculpture OBJECTIVES

  • Development of a design that reflects the clinic’s aesthetics style, class, and elegance. We crafted a visual response to the brief, creating a clear separation between LA Body Sculpture and the competition. The creative team worked closely with the partners to create a library of portrait-style brand assets, striking a perfect sync between lifestyle and treatment credibility.
  • Carefully selected imagery using the body’s natural shapes and skin tones played on the ‘natural results’ LA Body Sculpture deliver to their patients, old and new. Strong, impactful imagery with eye contact, subtleties of empowerment and courage to the website’s treatment pages. Interactive elements that smoothly presents information to users and catches their attention, while portraying the clinics values.
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