Google starts deleting @gmail accounts in December

Google Deleting @gmail Accounts in December - Loss Prevention

Google starts deleting @gmail accounts in December

Google starts deleting @gmail accounts in December 900 470 iWEBAPP Web Design Ottawa
Embarking on a crucial update, Google is set to initiate the removal of @gmail accounts starting December
Did you know that Google starts deleting @gmail accounts in December? The decision was announced by the company in May this year, and the Google will delete accounts that have never been used next month or who have not logged in for two years. In addition to the profile itself, all content will be deleted.

Firstly, when having a Google account deactivated, the email address becomes unavailable, in addition to the user losing all files from WorkSpace apps, such as Drive and Gmail, and images from Google Photos. The only exception is YouTube accounts that were logged in with their Google profile, these will not be removed.

In summary: If you use your YouTube account, it will be preserved.

How to avoid loss

Secondly, since Google will delete accounts that have been inactive for a long time, you can avoid this in one way: just log into the account and use some of its functions.

In this case, simply go to and, in the login and password space, fill in your account, which may be close to being deleted.

However, it is important to check that there are no messages informing you of account inactivity. If there are no warnings, you can rest assured.

Back up your documents

In short, if even after accessing your account and “reactivating” it, you are feeling unsure about the possibility of your content being lost, there are options to recover your files.

However, make a Backup by downloading your emails to your computer, or transferring them to another email. We always recommend using professional emails, as this way you avoid using a free email and consequently end up generating more value for your client.

Your professional email is an extension of your brand. Use it to create consistency, increase awareness, and stand out from the competition. Security and Trust.

A professional email ensures your messages arrive smoothly and is less likely to be marked as spam.


In conclusion, as we navigate Google’s imminent account deletions, ensuring the preservation of your digital presence becomes paramount. At iWEBAPP Web Design Agency, we understand the value of a seamless online experience, and our expert team is equipped to not only address the technical intricacies of account management but also elevate your brand’s online visibility.

Contact us today to explore how our services can ensure the security of your digital assets, boost your brand’s consistency, and drive success in the competitive online arena. Seize the opportunity to thrive online – act now!

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