Site Reformulation: Understand When You Should REVAMP Your Site

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Site Reformulation: Understand When You Should REVAMP Your Site

Site Reformulation: Understand When You Should REVAMP Your Site 600 427 iWEBAPP Web Design Ottawa

Website Redesign

Daily new developments in the area of website creation, and you need to keep up to date. But how do you know if it’s time to reshape the site? There are several reasons to update it, either because it is obsolete, low conversion, few access, change of brand, etc.

Most importantly, you create a schedule and perform step-by-step redesign, so it will be easier to identify the issues. We separate the main points that you must attend to. Check out!

Is your content easy to manage?

You should be able to easily manage your site content, and use tools that allow changes and updates, and tracking metrics. Make sure that the information about your site like: phone, email addresses, social networks and product information are correct.

If you have little time and your knowledge in programming is basic, you will need a content management system (CMS). The more modern the manager, the less effort required to take care of the information on your site.

In addition, you should worry that your CMS is SEO-friendly (search engine optimization) as this ensures that your website and content are performing as well as possible and that you do not have to make an effort out of the ordinary.

WordPress is the most widely used CMS today, and as well as being free, it allows you to modify your site as you see fit. You can also opt for: Joomla or Drupal, which also have several functionalities, but greater difficulties to edit and manage the site.

Does your site generate results?

If you do not know the conversion rate of your site, know that many potential customers may be leaving your site without buying anything. If you are not able to evaluate the conversion, you are certainly throwing your investments down the drain. It is important to define metrics for your website or virtual store, so you can measure the success of your actions.

The redesign of the site is the ideal time to install the analysis and monitoring tools. Tools such as Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, help track the metrics. If you do not use these tools on your site, you are certainly missing out on great opportunities to understand your audience and increase your sales.

Is your site well positioned on Google?

The first step is to get your business name on Google, and if your site is among the TOP 3. If your site is at least on the first page, this is a good start.

Obviously you will seek to position your website in the first three positions for keywords that are relevant to your segment. That’s because simply being in the fourth or fifth position of the first page can cause you to lose tens, hundreds or even thousands of leads.

For better positions in search, you need to have a good strategy, marketing, web development, well-prepared technical team, a good hosting server, rich and unique content, perform constant optimizations, and many months of SEO optimization.

Everything must be very well planned, and you need to be careful about the details. Some important points are:

  • Create personas (client profile) in detail and understand what your problems are and what would lead them to your site;
  • Analyze current content and make improvements so they help users;
  • Make a table of keywords related to your business, services, and products, and make sure your site is well-positioned for them.
  • Pay attention to the layout of the page layout, the more attractive and intuitive the better.

Producing rich content and useful information for your users is a laborious and complex process, so it is best to choose a professional from your company to supervise the content generated by a third party agency.

Surely this decision will require a greater financial investment, but will be rewarded in the long run when your site begins to dominate the search results, which will reflect in the increase of your sales.

Does your site work on your smartphone?

If you have to zoom in on your smartphone screen to read some information from your site, or you have to scroll to the side to continue browsing, your site certainly does not work on your smartphone, or rather is not responsive. A website that works on smartphone must be fully adapted to deliver the best experience to the user.

Your phones should be clickable, your address should link to Google Maps, and you should have images and fonts in sizes consistent with a mobile phone screen.

Is your layout modern and in keeping with the company’s visual identity?

t is very common for businesses to forget to update the brand’s visual identity on their sites, and this is very damaging. A brand must have a line of communication that uses the same visual identity in all vehicles. Therefore, an easy-to-manage site is ideal for you to exchange key colors, logos, fonts, and icons yourself.

Using the same visual identity on different platforms makes your visitors recognize your brand and get it fixed more and more. About the modernity of the layout, this is a subjective topic. However, we can easily tell when a layout looks old. For example, a few years ago, the monitors were smaller and more square, so the sites were narrower. Currently, the monitors are wider, and with that they have started to create more horizontal sites, to make better use of the screen space.

Does your site use older technologies?

Another important point is to check if your site has some incompatibility error. Many older sites use technologies that no longer work in browsers, and therefore end up with bugs or broken layouts. This happens because technology evolves and overlaps very quickly.

In this way, a website made 10 years ago may not work well because of the fact that new browsers do not support legacy technologies.

Does your site generate conversions?

A conversion is when a user performs an action within your site, be it a newsletter, a purchase, or a budget request.

Your website should be used for capturing Leads, and integrating forms and chatbots, can help you in this important task.

Chatbots can be programmed to answer the most frequently asked questions, and if it is not possible to provide a satisfactory response to the user, then the chat should be triggered with a human attendant.

As the user interacts with Chatbot, integration with your CRM system can be done to track Lead’s progress in the funnel. This allows more agility for the sales force, and ensures that more Leads are qualified, which positively impacts your company’s sales.

Manychat is perhaps the most famous chatbot and easy to set up for Facebook. It allows you to send files or links to users, depending on the response you selected. So you do not have to develop a solution of 0, and still take advantage of the information that is present in the social network itself.

Your Landing Pages should also be optimized, and the forms need to be short. Leave it to ask more questions at a next opportunity. In the first moment, the most important thing is to capture the email of this Lead, and in addition to sending the offer by email, delivery can be optimized through your chatbot.

Focus on company strategy

All this restructuring must be thought of in getting new customers for your company. That is why you should understand the profile of your users very well.

Always think about offering a better experience for your user, as this is a very important factor for Google to keep your site in the top positions.

Do not forget to check the speed of your site too, the faster your site is, the better for your users and also for your Google placement.

These were some tips for you to keep your site optimized and attractive to your customers.


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