Linux or Windows hosting: Which one is better for WordPress?

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Linux or Windows hosting: Which one is better for WordPress?

Linux or Windows hosting: Which one is better for WordPress? 900 470 iWEBAPP Web Design Ottawa
What server to choose for WordPress, Linux or Windows - Cloudways VPS

When you’re diving into the WordPress world, the big question pops up: Linux or Windows? It’s like choosing your superhero sidekick.

Before creating a WordPress site, you will have to decide which hosting platform is ideal for your case. One of the important factors is the choice of the operating system (OS) of their servers, which often boils down to two options: Linux or Windows hosting. However, the difference between the two is not immediately clear.

Your server’s operating system can impact how it behaves. Linux and Windows use different technologies, which may not be compatible with all sites. It is essential to understand your goals, because the right operating system can help you or cause a lot of stress.

In this article, we will explain what a server operating system is, and the differences between Linux vs Windows hosting in terms of stability, development tools and ease of use. Let’s go!

An introduction to Linux and Windows operating systems

Just as every personal computer needs an operating system, its server also runs on one. Most users won’t have to worry about this, especially if you want to create a simple website or a small WordPress blog. However, once you decide to deepen the server configuration or network infrastructure, you should know about the different options available.

Most of the time, Linux will be the default server operating system for your WordPress site. It is a more mature system that has gained a high reputation in the world of web hosting. It is also compatible with cPanel.

As an overview, Linux is an open source platform with the following features:

  • Stability: The system has earned a reputation for being reliable.
  • Flexibility: Linux can adapt to any environment.
  • Security: Linux is considered secure because of the reason it has its open source.
  • Low cost: Linux does not have a license to buy. So, you will probably benefit from cheaper hosting plans as your provider bypasses additional license costs.

Windows, on the other hand, is the most popular desktop operating system for PC users. In the context of web hosting, you may have heard of it as a Windows Server product.

Some of its main features include:

  • Ease of use: Windows is easy to configure, even for less experienced users.
  • Developer-friendly environment: Develop web applications and configure the structure. NET is easy with Windows.
  • Innovation: Windows usually employs cloud-centric technologies and offers a hybrid approach to cloud hosting.

Note that if you sign up for a shared hosting plan, you will not have a choice of operating systems. You will have to opt for a virtual private server (VPS) or a dedicated plan if you want to choose your OS.

You can also be limited to using the OS that your host offers. The hosting we recommend here at iWEBAPP and that has Linux and Windows plans is Cloudways, specifically the Cloud plan, which can have a fully optimized configuration for WordPress and competitive prices.

Which hosting to consider between Linux / Windows


Windows or Linux for WordPress - Cloudways VPS

Best server for WordPress depends, Linux for the tech-savvy, security buffs, and open-source enthusiasts. Windows for those who dig a user-centric, familiar vibe.

Each operating system behaves differently.
Some web applications may not be compatible with Linux or Windows servers. Generally, your main point of consideration should be the type of software you want to install.

For example, running a Sharepoint or Exchange site will work better with Windows. On the other hand, Linux is the hosting option for WordPress installations.

When choosing your OS, ask the following questions:

  • Do you prefer an easy or more flexible configuration?
  • Are you prepared for additional costs?
  • Can you invest more effort in the security of your website?
  • Do you like to use cPanel?
  • Do you prefer to work with phpMyAdmin and MySQL databases?
  • You will trust the ASP, . NET or MS SQL for your site to work?

Your answers will determine which operating system is suitable for your objectives. Let’s dive into the details in the section below.

Linux vs Windows hosting comparison

These two operating systems are very different. Here is a detail of how they compare:

  • User interface. Windows is easy to use thanks to its familiar menus. On the other hand, Linux has a command line with functions and syntaxes that can be difficult to learn. That’s why many administrators rely on cPanel to facilitate server maintenance.
  • Stability and safety. Although there are hacker risks for both operating systems, Windows is usually more vulnerable to threats. In addition, Linux is more stable and almost never needs a reboot. Windows may have problems dealing with multiple tasks, so it may not be the right choice for business-critical applications.
  • Hardware and software compatibility. Windows servers are often used in large organizations with complex IT infrastructures. Sharepoint and Exchange are common examples. They are compatible with other Microsoft applications and, as such, you will benefit from better support. Linux may not work well with these solutions, and having a Linux administrator is not ideal in corporate environments.
  • Development tools. Linux hosting is usually used to configure personal websites with access to tools such as Apache, PHP, MySQL and File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Experienced developers can also configure an NGINX web server or use Perl or Python. However, sites developed with Microsoft ASP.NET and MS SQL technologies will only work with Windows servers.
  • Speed. Linux tends to be faster than Windows, as it is lighter and faster at using server resources when executing commands.

Finally, there may be a significant price difference between Linux and Windows hosting. As Linux is open source and free, it is a more economical option. In addition, it does not require regular updates and is easier to maintain, so dedicated servers that use this OS usually cost less.

Which hosting is best for WordPress: Linux or Windows?

When it comes to WordPress hosting, Linux is the best OS. WordPress runs in PHP, which is much more difficult to configure on Windows. The Microsoft Access database is not as robust as MySQL, and can delay your site.

As there are no licensing costs associated with Linux, you can easily find a managed and affordable WordPress hosting that uses this OPERATING SYSTEM. In addition, the most popular hosts will provide an intuitive dashboard, making Linux easier to use than it would otherwise be.

Linux also benefits from being an open source platform. Like WordPress, many developers contribute to the system to ensure that it is stable and secure.

Finally, Linux is flexible enough for the custom development of codes and applications. However, if you are planning to configure the structure. NET or using applications such as ColdFusion, ASP Classic or Microsoft SQL Server, you must opt for Windows hosting.


Choosing the right operating system for your hosting needs can be an essential detail, especially if you are looking to set up a VPS or a dedicated server. Some applications only work with specific operating systems, so choosing the right one is essential to achieve your goals.

Linux is like the WordPress ninja, rocking open-source vibes and top-notch security. It’s stable, efficient, and plays super well with popular hosting setups, making your WordPress journey smooth.

On the flip side, Windows is the friendly neighbor with that familiar interface. If you’re all about that user-friendly life and into specific Windows tech, it might just be your go-to.

Choosing between them is like picking your squad. Linux for the tech-savvy, security buffs, and open-source enthusiasts. Windows for those who dig a user-centric, familiar vibe.

So, which team are you joining on your WordPress adventure: Team Linux or Team Windows? Your call!

Do you have any more questions about Linux vs Windows hosting? iWEBAPP is here to help.

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